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Foundational Freediving Skills for the Beginner up to 20 meters deep.

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Skills for the Intermediate to Advanced Freediver to 30M.

Level 3 Freediver

Be a Master Freediver to 40M with expert skills.

Master Course

Got time to spend? Become a master freediver in our intensive course.

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Love to Freedive and Teach? Become your own Freediving Instructor! From another agency? Join us!

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Training: The only way to progress in freediving!


Freediving is fun and natural!


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Freediving (breath-hold diving) in Moalboal, Cebu!

You’ve discovered the most ideal spot to freedive in the Philippines. This is the freedive training center for those looking to do the best freediving in South-East Asia. Welcome to Moalboal, Cebu! Hidden away from the crowds, cars and concrete of the city, here you can best enjoy tropical diving along the deep coral reef just from shore! Are you not yet a freediver? Take Pure Apnea certification courses from a freediver living on the sea and learn how to freedive in just a few days. You’d rather be Freediving here!

If you are looking for a great place to improve your freediving then come here with your goals and ambitions and get ready for training. If you want to learn freediving for the first time then come here with a blank slate and leave here full of fresh freediving skills from our freediving course(s).

This is freediving in the Philippines and undoubtedly the best location to freedive in South-East Asia. No boats, just easy diving either for super deep diving or shallower diving along the coral-reef wall! Take freediving courses and training to become a single-breath diver. The sport of freediving is all about holding your breath and enjoying the underwater experience. It is also about holding your breath for as long as you can and discovering how deep you can go. Extreme or not? You be the judge.

Note: Freediving probably only seems like a thrill-seeker’s extreme sport as may be portrayed but in reality it is a profoundly calm and relaxing activity where relaxation is the name of the game.

Freediving in Philippines, Cebu, Moalboal

Easy Freediving

No Boats needed. We dive right from shore. Some of the easiest freediving you’ll probably ever encounter!

Freedive Fun

Enjoy the tropical venue and atmosphere of the place and meet some other dedicated freedivers.

Become a strong freediver

If you are looking for a freediving school that focuses on total freediver development to make you the best you can be through quality training then this is one of the top choices in all of Asia.

Element Freedive. Freediving in Philippines.

Mind. Water. Breath.

The Current Freediving WORLD records for depths.

Constant Weight with Monofin

Constant Weight with bifins

Constant Weight No Fins

Free Immersion

Come here for YOUR freedive training.

Finding your Zen in each dive.

Realize your potential through training. To enhance our freediving abilities  we simply need to practice freediving. Like anything else, practice makes perfect.

Discover the essence and take that first breath after that perfect dive!

Start here

Classical Freediving.

Master the Classical Form of Freediving with BiFins.

Discover your depths with a monofin.

Considered a refreshing way to freedive.

Or Just Hang Out!

And Enjoy the Blue!

Core Benefits of Freediving

Natural Therapy!

The tropical blue sea works its magic upon your body and mind. The silent underwater world takes you quickly into the eternal now and you find your moment of a surprising inner peace.

Natural Environment!

Your are under the Sun, in the Sea and in the Tropics! It is going to be positive!

Natural High!

It’s all about how you feel when you are down there holding your breath–and you’re gonna feel good! Breathe again like you never have as your break the surface.

Freediving with Element Freedive.

Consider checking out some of the benefits of diving here.

Awesome Access for Freediving using the Pier.

Tropical and Central

to the best Freediving in all of Asia.


Great Weather and Life

to make it a holiday! Train, eat, relax and repeat!


Dedicated Freedivers

to dive with and enhance your own inherent and natural talents.


Awesome Resort and Dive Facility

that we are thankful to use. Top-class resort and dive facility at Kasai Village!

Look No Further.

Pack your freedive gear (if you have it)…Get Started Today

Get Ready to Dive!